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Nurse Practitioner, Psychiatry

Job Description

Impact Lives, Impact Community

Family Health Centers of San Diego (FHCSD) is passionate about providing exceptional health care to all, especially underserved communities with limited health care options. Founded by a Latina grandmother/community advocate over 50 years ago in Barrio Logan, FHCSD has grown into one of the largest community health systems in the country. With over 62 sites, over 227,000 patients, and over 417,000 visits last year, we provide a wide variety of health care and outreach services to a very diverse patient population. We are proud of our mission, our lasting community impact, and the cultural and individual diversity of our staff.

  • Core functions include diagnosing and treating acute and chronic health/mental health care problems, performing adult care check-ups and/or follow-up as indicated per treatment plan, prescribing medication when indicated, creating and updating treatment plans, acting as the Mental Health Treatment Coordinator when appropriate, and teaching health promotion and disease prevention to patients and/or family members.
  • Performs general evaluation for mental and medical health status, including but not limited to, completing full intake mental health evaluations, ordering of diagnostic procedures/labs/medical supplies, formulating plans of care, prescribing medication, making appropriate consults to specialty areas and ensuring that immunizations and PPD's are current as required or needed.
  • Maintains satisfactory peer reviews: able to assess medical information including pathophysiology, patient presentation, differential diagnosis, etc, in order to facilitate health promotion and disease prevention.
  • Completes all required documentation accurately, timely and thoroughly in accordance with department standards and to comply with electronic medical record requirements, including medication reconciliation, finalizing notes, clearing out personal pool, and participating in clinic pool.
  • Meets clinic site and organization needs in a reliable and flexible manner; prioritizes work and makes an effort to adhere to schedule.
  • Participates in administrative duties, including lab reports, charts, and medication refills reviewed and managed appropriately.
  • Participate in Clinical Outcomes Program and work towards meeting organizational targets for all metrics.
  • Maintain FHCSD behavioral standards, including (but not limited to), effective listening and communication skills and respectful interactions with colleagues and patients.
  • Assesses and intervenes for urgent and/or emergent mental health problems.
  • Provides nurse practitioner support and consultation to other outpatient clinics in area of expertise when available and appropriate.
  • Seeks physician consultation during scheduled supervision meetings or as needed when managing a medical or mental health condition that is not resolving as anticipated, feels adjustments in medication/therapy have not brought about the expected improvements, or any time the nurse practitioner seeks additional expertise on providing appropriate treatment for a specific condition.
  • Electronic progress notes will be in problem-oriented format and sufficiently detailed to obtain a clear picture of the patient's current health status. In addition, all patient contacts and visits with physician involvement must include the name of the physician in the progress notes.
  • Performs duties relying, as needed, on standardized procedures that allow for the collaborating physician to be available to the NP by phone or in person
  • Performs other duties as assigned.

Physical Requirements

Lifting 0 - 10 lbs: FREQUENTLY (3 - 6 HRS)

Lifting 11 - 25 lbs: NEVER

Lifting 25 - 50 lbs: NEVER

Lifting 51 - 75 lbs: NEVER

Lifting over 75 lbs: NEVER

Bending (neck): FREQUENTLY (3 - 6 HRS)

Bending (waist): OCCASIONALLY (1 - 3 HRS)

Climbing (ladder): NEVER

Climbing (stairs): RARELY (0-1 HRS)

Driving: To drive from one clinic or another, or in the community: FREQUENTLY (3 - 6 HRS)

Exposure to dust, gas, fumes, or chemicals: Office and medical supplies.

Fine manipulation: OCCASIONALLY (1 - 3 HRS)

Repetitive use of hand: OCCASIONALLY (1 - 3 HRS)

Kneeling: RARELY (0-1 HRS)

Power Grasping: RARELY (0-1 HRS)

Pushing 0 - 10 lbs: NEVER

Pushing 11 - 25 lbs: NEVER

Pushing 25 - 50 lbs: NEVER

Pushing 51 - 75 lbs: NEVER

Pushing over 75 lbs: NEVER

Pulling 0 - 10 lbs: NEVER

Pulling 11 - 25 lbs: NEVER

Pulling 25 - 50 lbs: NEVER

Pulling 51 - 75 lbs: NEVER

Pulling over 75 lbs: NEVER

Carrying 0 - 10 lbs: FREQUENTLY (3 - 6 HRS)

Carrying 11 - 25 lbs: NEVER

Carrying 25 - 50 lbs: NEVER

Carrying 51 - 75 lbs: NEVER

Carrying 75 lbs: NEVER

Reaching (above shoulder level): RARELY (0-1 HRS)

Reaching (below shoulder level): OCCASIONALLY (1 - 3 HRS)

Simple Grasping: OCCASIONALLY (1 - 3 HRS)

Sitting: FREQUENTLY (3 - 6 HRS)

Standing: FREQUENTLY (3 - 6 HRS)

Twisting: RARELY (0-1 HRS)

Use of Personal Protective Equipment: Face Shield, goggles, masks, gloves, lab coats, and safety needles.

Walking: FREQUENTLY (3 - 6 HRS)

Working around equipment and machinery: Office equipment

Exposure to blood borne pathogens and biohazards: YES

In the spirit of pay transparency, we are excited to share the base range for this position, exclusive of fringe benefits or potential bonuses.

$135,000.00 - $165,000.00

If you are hired at Family Health Centers of San Diego, your final base salary compensation will be determined based on factors such as geographic location, jurisdictional requirements, skills, education, and/or experience. In addition to these factors - we believe in the importance of pay equity and consider internal equity of our current team members as a part of any final offer. Please keep in mind that the range mentioned above is what we reasonably expect to pay for the role. Hiring at the maximum of the range would not be typical in order to allow for future and continued salary growth. We also offer a generous compensation and benefits package (more information on our benefits offerings is available here:


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